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Our Regular Live Online Schedule on ZOOM...

All classes are for all levels and can be approached in a gentle, moderate or intense way. Modifications are offered.

Saturday  8:30AM Fascia Fitness Flows  with Kent & Mary Ellen (1 hour) Click & Contact Us

Sunday  8:30AM Signature Yoga Fusion (mixed levels) with Kent (1 hour)
Click & Contact Us

Sunday 10AM Movingness Somatic Practice with Mary Ellen (1 hour) Click & Contact Us

Wednesday  7AM  Presencia / Presense  Meditation connecting our vital Qi with Antonio (1/2  hour) Click & Contact Us

Wednesday  9AM myMovingness Somatic Basics  with Mary Ellen (1 hour) Click & Contact Us

Thursday 5:30 - 7PM Mindful Flow for Strength Yoga with Julianne For Zoom link email

Teachers offer these online classes on a donation basis.
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Kent & Mary Ellen's Classes:
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Julianne's Class:

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Grace and Peace, Kent






Kent Bond opened Willow Glen Yoga over 25 years ago and it has remained an inclusive, evolutionary approach to yoga that is designed to work with all levels of practitioner. We are practicing to live life graciously.


Our teachers, Kent and Julianne deliver cutting edge approaches to the practice of Yoga.


Mary Ellen guides a Somatic Movement class that explores the physical to the sensory, from sensory to emotional, from emotional to the energetic body's wisdom.

Antonio Gonzalez-Walker PHD guides an inspired meditation/energy class - you will flow into awareness effortlessly.


More about the classes...

NEW CLASS with Kent and Mary Ellen!!

Fascia Fitness Flows Stands on the shoulders of ancient yoga wisdom and cutting edge movement science we have developed Fascia Fitness Flows — a movement breathing system of coordinated resistance and surrender, and stability and mobility. Looking through a lens of our body-wide fascial network provides a clear way to enhance our body awareness skills which allows us to develop our own internal sense of tensional balance. Largely because it becomes a resonance that we can see and sense by learning to read what lies dormant in us, in the shadows.


Let’s meet and play in this field where Mary Ellen & Kent will be your movement guides.

Our ongoing schedule of classes!

Antonio's Presencia / Prensence starts with the here and now - we begin every morning connecting with our bright energy; we establish solid ground and deep roots - we open space to flow into awareness through breath work, connecting our vital Qi energy; we shape with peace, grace and character, the strength of every morning. This class is for all levels. Prepare to feel connected to our yourself and others.


Kent's Signature Yoga Fusion: Kent developed a signature style of teaching that is informative, challenging and uplifting based on 30 years of teaching, practicing and deep study in several lineages of Yoga. His innovative holistic sequencing cultivates trust in your body's intelligence. This fosters strength, flexibility, courage and balance on and off the mat.


Mary Ellen's Movingness: Somatic (Soma is Body) Mindfulness Class. You are guided on a path to tap into the wisdom of the body. The practice works on multiple levels: You can use it to refine your movement patterns and learn how to freely express your feelings through your body, which brings you into natural states of ease, flow and meditation. This class targets your physical body, nervous system and stress levels with laser precision. It's an inside job. Be where your feet are, sense and carefully track sensations to move in a whole new way.

Julianne's Mindful Flow for Strength Yoga is a full body moderate to vigorous class that proceeds gracefully without rushing – and leaves you mentally clear and physically rejuvenated. It includes a quiet beginning with some words of inspiration and intention setting, warm ups, standing poses and varied sun salutation flow series, balance poses, exercises that strengthen the upper body and core, deep cool down floor stretches and a deep relaxation. Designed to physically engage and stretch the whole body and improve the ability to focus.

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