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Single Zoom Class $10


Kent's and Mary Ellen's Normal Schedule on ZOOM


Saturday  8:30AM Align and Flow (mixed levels) with Kent (1 hour)

Sunday  8:30AM Align and Flow (mixed levels) with Kent (1 hour)

Sunday 10AM Movingness Practice with Mary Ellen (1 hour)

Wednesday  5PM Movingness Practice with Mary Ellen (1 hour)


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Price per Class: $10

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Grace and Peace, Kent






Kent Bond opened Willow Glen Yoga 25 years ago and it has remained an inclusive, evolutionary approach to yoga that is designed to work with all levels of practitioner. Kent delivers cutting edge approaches to the practice of yoga with Kent's Signature Yoga: Align &Flow  and Mary Ellen offers an amazing and nourishing movement practice called Movingness.


More about the classes...

Kent's Signature Align & Flow Yoga: Kent developed a singular teaching style that is informative, challenging and uplifting, and has in experience many years of teaching, practice and study in several lineages of Yoga.


Movingness: During this journey, you’ll connect with your body and learn to know yourself from deep within. The practice works on multiple levels: You can use it to refine your movement patterns, learn how to freely express your feelings through your body, which can bring you into natural states of flow and meditation. This class targets your physical body, nervous system and stress levels with laser precision.

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