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Artist, teacher & studio owner

Kent Bond

Signature Yoga Fusion

Kent developed a signature style of teaching that is informative, challenging and uplifting based on 30 years of teaching, practicing and deep study in several lineages of Yoga. His classes are a fusion of classical yoga, astanga based flow, and bio-mechanical alignment principles.


Julianne Rice

Mindful Flow for Strength

A full body moderate to vigorous workout

that proceeds gracefully without rushing – and leaves you mentally clear and physically rejuvenated. Class begins quietly with some words of inspiration and intention setting. Then warm ups, standing poses and varied sun salutation flow series, balance poses, exercises that strengthen the upper body and core, deep cool down floor stretches and a deep relaxation. Designed to physically engage and stretch the whole body to improve the ability to focus.


Mary Ellen Hannon

Movingness Somatic Practice

The somatic practice works on multiple levels:

You can use it to refine your movement patterns and learn how to freely express your feelings through your body, which brings you into

natural states of flow and meditation. This class targets your physical body, nervous system and stress levels with laser precision.

All Yoga classes are for all levels and can be approached in a gentle, moderate or intense way. Modifications are offered.
Wednesday morning myMovingness class is designed for beginners to learn
the fundamentals of moving Somatically.