November 4, 2017 1pm – 3:30pm feldenkrais (c) opening the heart || Shara Ogin returns to lead an “Opening the Heart” workshop with gentle movement sequences to free up the area of the back and their integral connection to the rest of your body.


November 11 2017 1:00 – 3:30 pm Qi Gong || Dynamic Energy as Medicine with Nick Loffree Using meditative, invigorating, fluid, and spiraling movements that mirror the patterns of animals and nature, we put our bodies and minds in harmony with the greater current of life for health, healing, longevity, and inner realization. OPEN To all levels. $45


November 12 2017 10:30 – 1:00 pm Hip Hip Hooray with Kent Bond and Julianne Rice Come join Julianne and Kent and dedicate some time to work slowly and carefully through this very important area of the body. OPEN To all levels. $50


***Three More Classes!!!*** DECONSTRUCTING YOGA a five week series with Kent Bond Sundays 10:30 to 1pm
This workshop is appropriate for absolute beginners and practitioners who want to improve and deepen an existing or stalled practice.

Inform and empower. Build strength and flexibility. Kent encourages the development of a personal practice as an essential adjunct to group classes, privates and focused workshops which in time allows for your individual expression, enjoyment and advancement in yoga.

Drop in $55
No refunds or transfers:


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Our mission is to provide yoga instruction with an evolutionary approach.  As a unique and inclusive sanctuary we hold space for students at all levels of practice. Applying the ethics of yoga we are committed to service, community, and integrity.

Yoga Tune-Up Center South Bay

YTU is an integrated system derived from classical yoga and physical therapy rehabilitation techniques. Yoga Tune Up(R) will expand your flexibility and improve your strength.  Innovative sequencing regenerates and heals muscle tissues while toning and stretching.  This class is challenging but accessible to all levels. Yoga Tune Up(R) complements and supports your stronger yoga practice as well as other athletic routines.

We will post the upcoming in-depth workshops and trainings on the workshop area.  Refer also to the specialized articles posted below.

One on one guidance can be helpful for a variety of reasons. This can tune up or refine an existing practice.  It can jump start a new practice or any level of beginner.  A private class can address physical limitations due to injuries or stress.  Private instruction can take the form of mentoring and consultation for yoga teachers.

Check our blog for upcoming Yoga Tune Up(R) classes, or Contact Kent for more information or scheduling questions. Many of our instructors can also provide one on one instruction

Why I Sleep with a Tennis Ball

By Lori Robbins One of my students just revealed a deep dark secret. Tennis balls are used in my weekly class to roll out and I encourage students to roll during the day. This student admitted that the beloved tennis ball has now migrated to her bed. I would propose that this is actually a […]

Are You An Animal?

Do animals exercise? Animals move naturally and efficiently to gather or hunt food; make nests and dens and escape predators. Animals strengthen their muscles and increase and maintain circulation just by surviving. They also rest….often. Katy Bowman argues that there is no barrier for humans to stay healthy and strong just by preforming their everyday […]

Creating a Beautiful World

By Shara Ogin Attention and Intention are the driving forces that shape all our experiences. The only thing that can exist is what we put our attention and then perceive it to be so. Where ever our attention is placed, our reality is formed. “What you put your attention on IS. If your attention isn’t […]

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