Kent Bond kent-bondKent Bond, creator of Willow Glen Yoga in San Jose, California, is a well-respected Yogi from the Bay Area. He has many years of Yoga teaching, practice and study in several lineages of Yoga. Kent has developed a singular teaching style that is informative, challenging and uplifting. He has extensive and ongoing studies in the White Lotus tradition with Ganga White and Tracey Rich, including advanced and undergraduate teaching certifications from this prestigious center. In addition, he holds certification from Erich Schiffmann and has trained with numerous emerging masters including Duncan Wong, Robert Brook, and Russell Kai Yamaguchi. Kent leads specialized workshops in the USA and Europe and is an ongoing member of the White Lotus Foundation teacher training staff. More on Kent Bond


Barbara Branaman barbara-branamanBarbara has had a lifelong interest in eastern and western healing arts and movement, and has been fortunate to study with a number of great teachers . She is blessed to be guided on her yoga journey by master teacher Arkady Shirin. Barbara received her doctorate in Medical Qigong from Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, with whom she also studied tai qi quan and bagua meditative movement and martial arts. Barbara’s formal education also includes an undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Oberlin College and Tunghai University. During her study abroad, she began her studies in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), including Medical Qigong, herbs, and acupuncture. She continued her studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, receiving an MBA that led her to a career in high tech marketing and management. Her personal journey to health includes being blessed to receive a life-changing kidney and pancreas transplant 19 years ago. This life experience taught her the value of commitment to daily practice of the disciplines of eastern and western health and healing modalities that allow the body to flourish into a natural healthy state of balance and harmony. You can read more about her at


Christina Enneking christina-ennekingAfter more than two decades of practicing yoga as a life enhancer during her corporate leadership positions, Christina Enneking founded Heart Happy Yoga in 2010. A certified Yoga Alliance instructor and level II Reiki practitioner, Christina creates bridges between energy & rest, playfulness and intention, creativity and wisdom. While Christina holds vinyasa flow close to her heart, her style reflects the influences of many yoga experiences and respected yoga masters across the globe. Christina is honored to provide the gift of yoga to willing participants in various classes including adult flow yoga, corporate yoga, yoga for healing and kids’ yoga. Her heart-felt intention is to provide a safe and deep experience for students to grow and nurture balance, authenticity and compassion in their personal practice. Christina has also been known to do a wild shimmy to Michael Franti tunes with spouse John, daughter Carly and son Will. To learn more about her, visit


Mary Ellen Hannon kent-bondMary Ellen Hannon, co-owner of Willow Glen Yoga, has a BA in Health Science – Concentration in Somatics. She is the author of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) For Chronic Pain Relief & Prevention (2018). CAM chronicles a personal journey to overcoming chronic back pain as well serving as a user’s guide to three holistic therapies: Yoga, Somatics, & Qigong. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition and completed the Meditation Teacher Training program at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. She believes the most fundamental from of medicine lies in our daily awareness to our mind-bond connection. Her goal is to empower students to take care of themselves by teaching them tools to stay out of pain, improve posture and move through life with more ease.


Kyczy Hawk kyczy-hawkAuthor of “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” Kyczy was trained in the Himalayan Yoga tradition in IL with Sarla Walters. Kyczy is mentored by Nikki Myers, the founder of Y12SR – Yoga of 12 Step Recovery. She has also studied with Annalisa Cunningham as well as Durga and Yoga of Recovery at the Sivandanda Yoga Farm. Kyczy teaches yoga primarily to people recovering from addictions focussing on the use of breath in a slow mindful asana practice. She is a certified Yoga of Recovery counselor and a Y12SR Leader. You can read more about her at


Sherry Keogh sherry-keoghSherry Keogh brings a contagious passion and energy to her teaching. Her classes are fun and challenging, offering options and modifications for students of all abilities. She believes that every-“body” can do yoga and creates a compassionate and inviting space that is inclusive and inspiring. Sherry is an ACE-certified fitness instructor with a Mind/Body certification and extensive hours of continuing education in teaching yoga, fitness, and nutrition. In addition to yoga, Sherry teaches high-intensity interval training (HIIT), total body conditioning, circuit, water, cardio, and step aerobics fitness classes. When not teaching yoga and fitness, Sherry plays soccer, runs, grows her own vegetables, and supports her local community. She is passionate about everything local, organic, and sustainable, and believes that each and every choice makes a difference.


Patty Kent patty-kentI have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. It’s the one constant in my life. Coming to my mat is like coming home! The one place I can be with myself as I am at that moment. I’ve practiced Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, and Bikram. In 2007 I was stressed out with a health crises and family issues. I was seeing my acupuncturist for help and he suggested I try Yin yoga for awhile, that perhaps my yoga practice was a little to Yang for what was going on in my life at the time. My first class and I was hooked! The meditative aspect of Yin allowed me to quite my mind and de-stress. The postures of Yin opened my body in ways I had never experienced before. Healing me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Deepening my yoga practice tremendously. This is when I decided to teach Yoga. To bring to others the healing benefits that I received. My practice now incorporates the softer Yang style of Gentle yoga along with my love, Yin. Adding in some Restorative for those days when I’m recovering from an illness or are emotionally depleted. We need both the Yang and Yin in our lives and our practice in order to stay balanced, strong yet flexible


Catherine Killion Catherine KillionCatherine has been practicing and studying yoga since 1983 when she took her first class at Rancho La Puerta. She is an E-RYT with a 500 hour yoga alliance certification from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. She has been most fortunate to study with fantastic teachers. They include; Aadil Palkhivala, Frank White, Ganga White, Tracey Rich, Kent Bond, Sven Holcomb, Phoebe Diftler, Cheri Clampett, Arturo Peal, Erich Schiffmann, Seane Corn and many others.

She was involved with The Art of Yoga Project ( for many years. she has taught private, corporate and public classes in vinyasa, form and alignment and restorative yoga.

After having a total knee replacement this year, she has experienced the amazing healing benefits of a yoga practice and learned how to embrace the body as it shows up every day. She is dedicated to the study of yoga and it’s deeper meanings and layers.

She has four grown children, three grown step children and is in love with her black lab!


Jill Lacher Jill LacherJill began her career as a youth outreach specialist for families and teens at risk, and as a recreational therapist (CTRS). She developed a unique compassion for all members of our community, and those who struggle to experience balance, vitality and connectedness in their lives. Since 2003, Jill discovered the potential for yoga to unify the body, mind and spirit through her Vinyasa practice, and its incredible potential for healing and personal enrichment. Her regular practice of yoga led her to the White Lotus Foundation (Santa Barbara), one of the first Yoga Teacher Training programs in the country. Here she received her Yoga Alliance Certification and since then has returned for advanced training in both the physical (asana) and breath (pranayama) practice. In addition to her training at White Lotus Foundation, Jill has also studied under Kyczy Hawk, Desiree Rumbaugh, Mark Stephens, Ganga White, Tracey Rich and Kent Bond. Jill’s joy is to help others bring about positive transformation, balance and a grounded sense of peace that can be drawn upon in life.


Kaye Lathe Nick Fortino Kaye Lathe is a librarian and a mom. She has been practicing yoga for many years, but after becoming the mother of twins, it became a daily practice, and eventually a way of life. Kaye has her RTY 200, and is a Yoga for All certified yoga instructor. As a larger bodied yogi, Kaye is a proponent of Health at Every Size and believes that everyone should incorporate joyous movement into every day. She is also a supporter of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. For more information, please follow her blog found on


Teresa Lee teresa-huggettIn 1985 while attending college in Santa Cruz I discovered yoga at Kali Ray Yoga Studio where I practiced under Kali for nearly a decade. I loved the way in which I found yoga to calm yet energize my mind, body and soul. With a background in dance and gymnastics I developed an awareness of alignment and how injuries could be sustained without it. I began practicing with Kent at Willow Glen Yoga in 1997 and have been honing my practice ever since under Kent’s incredible guidance and humor. Other teachers that have made an impact on my practice are Bhavani Matki, Ganga White, Tracey Rich, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, and Kimberly Paul. After 25 years+ developing a consistent practice I quit my tech job and received my 200 Hour YRT certification through the White Lotus Foundation. With hands to heart center I look forward to continuing and enhancing a life long practice of yoga for myself and for others.


John Nadler john-nadlerJohn has made exercise and healthy living a part of his life since the mid 1970s. He understands you can only perform well in life when you take care of yourself. John’s philosophy encompasses the entire you; body, mind, and spirit. This includes a smart diet and diverse activity. He has participated in various activities over the years such as running, rock climbing, cardio, swimming, meditation, weight lifting, yoga, and hiking. John incorporated yoga into his life in 2003 when he realized how many benefits there were from the practice and started teaching in 2009. John received his RYT 200 hour certification from Yoga Works and continues to participate in other teacher trainings through Yoga Journal Conferences and various workshops. He is always looking for new places and ways to learn. He enjoys expanding his horizons by taking classes and exposing himself to new experiences as well. Another part of John’s life is his dedication to helping people. He volunteers in many areas and has always loved teaching and helping others accomplish their goals.


Daniela Perone, Ph.D. Jenny NiklausDaniela discovered the transformative power of yoga in 2006 while she was attending graduate school in psychology. From a lifelong commitment to self-awareness and personal growth, Daniela was drawn to the mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that yoga affords. Daniela completed her 200-hour teacher training at Nandi Yoga under the tutelage of Wendy Klein and Louis Jackson. Daniela continued on to participate in Nandi’s intern program and apprentice under the guidance of Jivamukti-certified teacher, Toni Cupal where she learned the art of safe and meaningful assists and the spiritual inspiration of the Jivamukti tradition. Daniela is also a licensed psychologist in private practice and often integrates elements of self-inquiry, empowerment, and personal growth into her yoga classes. She finds great fulfillment in supporting others toward healing and self-discovery.


Alyssa Prettyman kent-bondAlyssa Prettyman has been teaching yoga in the Boston area for 11 years. In fall of 2017 she landed in San Jose, by way of an RV, and is excited to share her perspective on the practice. In her classes expect an experience to satisfy all levels of yogi / yogini, diverse playlists, a keen focus on alignment and functional movement, as well as a joke or two. Does she have “the” Boston accent? You’ll have to check out her classes to find out!


Lori Robbins Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.40.53 PMWith humor and compassion, Lori empowers her students to heal and strengthen themselves. Her classes emphasize body mechanics as path to freedom from pain for all ages and experience. Her unique perspective and teaching style formed after an injury that required fusion of her lumbar and thoracic spine. She comes to teaching with the powerful combination of being a licensed integrated Yoga Tune Up® instructor with Jill Miller and a Certified Restorative Exercise™ Specialist with Katy Bowman. Lori also calls upon her training in Yin with Paul Grilley and Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater. Personal sessions for Restorative Exercise or Yoga available. Contact Lori at or at her website:


Judith Steger Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.40.53 PMJudith has loved the transformation that takes place on the mat ever since she took her first yoga class in 2003. Besides becoming stronger in body, the most important transformation is the one of the mind which happens every time she practices yoga, making her feel present in the moment and at home in her body. Yoga helped Judith to stay focused on her work as a hardware engineer and to experience giving birth to her daughter, with full awareness and joy, yet without medication. It took a few years into motherhood for her to allow herself to let go of her engineering passion and follow her other passion to become certified as a yoga teacher. Judith earned her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at Avalon Art & Yoga Center in Palo Alto, California in 2009. In 2015 she completed her 500 hour certification through Jennifer Prugh’s “Joy of Yoga” teacher training at Breathe Together in Los Gatos, California. During her 500 hour training, she also assisted in yoga for cancer survivorship classes taught by Lorien Neargarder. This experience expanded her ability to adapt the practice to include students with a variety of abilities and physical limitations. Judith’s yoga classes focus on alignment and breath, and encourage development of individual body awareness leading to a safe practice for her students in a nourishing way.