July 21, 2018- Subtle ™ Yoga for Trauma and Resilience Building – with Kristine Weber

Subtle® Yoga for Trauma and Resilience Building: Reducing Trauma Symptoms and Reclaiming Life

At some point in our lives, we all experience trauma – it may be getting a divorce, relocating to a new city, starting a new job, or dealing with a relationship conflict. All of these may place significant stress on our bodies and our minds. Some people also experience large “T” traumas including sexual assault, a car accident, military combat, or the loss of a dear person. Trauma can leave the mind-body in a state of hypervigilance and deep tension which may persist for weeks or even years after the trauma occurs. Research suggests that yoga practice can help reduce the symptoms of trauma.

In this workshop, you will learn Subtle® Yoga techniques to help release the holding patterns of trauma and reclaim life. Join Subtle® Yoga founder and director, Kristine Kaoverii Weber for this workshop in which you will learn brief techniques for yourself (or to share with your students) for self-soothing and grounding, as well as longer practices for befriending the body, regulating the nervous system, building resilience, and moving toward healing and empowerment.

Research findings on the efficacy of yoga for PTSD and complex trauma will be presented, including understandings of how yoga recruits neuroplasticity to facilitate healing through both top-down and bottom-up mechanisms. A trauma-informed approach to teaching yoga will be discussed and you’ll have an opportunity to participate in two yoga classes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to help you learn and integrate the techniques. Outlines of the classes will be provided.

In her groundbreaking book, Trauma, and Recovery, Judith Herman wrote, “Traumatic events overwhelm the ordinary systems of care that give people a sense of control, connection, and meaning.” Yoga practice provides a way for people with trauma symptoms to reclaim life and find greater peace and happiness.

Kristine Weber, MA, C-IAYT, eRYT500 has been studying yoga and holistic healing for nearly 30 years, teaching yoga since 1995 and training teachers since 2003. Her organization, Subtle®Health, LLC, provides holistic mind-body training, education, and clinical services with the mission of enhancing community health infrastructure. Kristine is the director of the Subtle® Yoga Training Institute which provides yoga teacher training at the RYT200 and RYT500 levels and of the Subtle® Yoga Teacher Training for Behavioral Health Professionals program at the Mountain Area Health Education Center in Asheville, NC. Kristine presents workshops and trainings internationally and is frequently invited to speak about yoga at conferences. A graduate of Georgetown University, Kristine has trained extensively in many styles of yoga including Viniyoga, as well as in Asian bodywork therapy and homeopathy.

She is the author of Healing Self Massage, The Complete Self Massage Workbook, and has published articles in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. the International Association of Yoga Therapist’s journal, Yoga Therapy in Practice and other wellness publications. Her work has been featured in Redbook, BodySense, Women’s World, Natural Health, and Lifetime TV. Kristine also presents virtually for www.yogauonline.com, www.yogamate.com, and www.imhu.org. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Brett, son Bhaerava and neuroprotective cat, Jerry. Subtle® Yoga is an exceptionally adaptable approach to yoga practice which is person-centered and can be tailored to different abilities. It fosters the development of attention and mindfulness and promotes spiritual development in the context of any belief system. Find out more at www.subtleyoga.com. Register by selecting Schedule/Workshops at www.willowglenyoga.com