Stretch and Strengthen

Stretch and Strengthen is an all encompassing health and fitness class combining Yoga, Corrective Exercise, and Self-massage with yoga therapy balls. This class will concentrate on alignment and increased joint range of motion.  Increasing flexibility and strength while improving range of movement and enhancing performance in athletics as well as condition those that are starting an exercise program. Students recovering from an injury or who have a goal of preventing injury may also benefit from this class. Stretch and Strengthen classes will help heal damaged muscle, and establish healthy movement patterns designed to help you live better in your body. Open to all levels.

Align and Flow

A strong foundational class that incorporates alignment and breath. Challenge yourself as static and dynamic postures are broken down in a clear coherent fashion. The emphasis is on classical yoga poses that comprise the “building blocks” of a safe and sustainable practice. Poses will progressively build upper body strength and improve back bending leading to a fully integrated practice. Think “Old School Yoga” with a contemporary cutting edge. Students of all levels will fined this class of value.

Vinyasa / Flow Yoga / Flow With Strength

Flow classes move the body with breath from pose to pose and have a more dynamic pace incorporating sun salutations (also referred to as Vinyasa Yoga). Flow classes are geared toward students looking for a stronger, movement-based practice that fully synchronizes movement with breath. These classes are a good option for intermediate to advanced practitioners with some previous yoga experience.

Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up® (YTU) is a head-to-toe health and fitness system combining Yoga, Corrective Exercise, and Self-massage, using YTU therapy balls. YTU classes are geared towards students wanting a challenging class that targets our blind spots. A moderate class focused on strength building and fascia release. Open to all levels, YTU helps heal damaged muscle, and establish healthy movement patterns. This class is designed specifically to help you live better in your body. Great for beginners and athletes.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga practice that integrates breath, body, and mind. This class is a relaxed-paced yoga practice that integrates breath work with deliberate muscle elongation, toning, and spatial awareness. The systematic relaxation, pranayama (breath-work), and meditation in this class is meant to harness the mind’s attention and the body’s strength. There will be a minimal amount of flow (sun salutations and pushups) while emphasizing steadiness and ease. No prior yoga experience required.


Restorative / Therapeutic Yoga

Restorative postures are set up using props such a blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps. These healing poses combined with conscious breathing calm the nervous system and are geared towards students looking to receive the benefits of yoga without strenuous activity. Open to all levels, come prepared to linger quietly and savor the simple sweetness of longer held holds that support the body, invite relaxation and allow the body to drop successive layers of tension.

Roll and Flow

This dynamic class will blend an invigorating flow alongside functional movement conditioning and ball rolling. Each week students will learn how to fine tune specific elements of their practice via a multi-disciplinary approach to self-care and leaving feeling like they learned a little, worked a lot, and got a little massage all in a single hour!


SomaQi (pronounced So~Ma~Chee) is a self-sensing movement practice that cultivates healing energy at the nervous system level. SomaQi is a prescription for relieving and avoiding chronic pain (pain lasting more than 3-6 months). You will get in touch with internal sensations and unlock habitually contracted muscles that result in chronic pain and a rigid mindset. Focus will be cultivating awareness through body scanning, somatic exercise, energetic postures and constructive rest poses. All are welcome.

Yin Yoga

Historically based in a Taoist practice, Yin yoga explores and works with the connective tissue or fascia of the body. Postures are passive and held for a length of time to increase awareness and vital energy flow to targeted areas. Experience gentle back bends, twists and forward folds as you improve your breathing.Yin yoga classes are gentle yet powerful and are great for students looking to increase flexibility and length in the body. Although Yin classes are open to all levels, please note that it can be an intense practice due to holding of postures for several minutes, therefore students are encouraged, through awareness and breathing, to slowly ease into letting go of tension. Pregnant women welcome.

Yogi Conditioning

This class wakes up the powerhouse of the body. Interval training of high intensity core work with pushups, mountain climbers, jackknives, clam shells, and bicycles. Then a move to standing lunges, squats and burpees. Transitioning to more traditional strong slow yoga flow and ending with shorter yin poses and savasana.


One hour all recovery path 12 Step style meeting followed by a one hour all levels hatha based yoga class. Y12SR classes are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and at all stages of recovery (minimum 24 hours clean time required).

Private Instruction

One on one guidance can be helpful for a variety of reasons. This can tune up or refine an existing practice. It can jump start a new practice or any level of beginner. A private class can address physical limitations due to injuries or stress.

Gentle Yoga

This class is a blend of gentle yoga postures combined with Yin and Restorative. It is a perfect way to unwind your nervous system for optimal health. Suitable for beginners and anyone wanting to decompress, relax and restore balance. Recommended for all levels.

Medicine Yoga

This class incorporates the therapeutic aspects of yoga plus medical Qi gong. Improves the bio-mechanics of functional movement while healing and balancing the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels.

Wellness Yoga

If you suffer from chronic pain or chronic stress, or just want to deeply relax, then this class is for you. We are using yoga’s toolbox of breathing, relaxation, movement and meditation to make you feel more comfortable in your body and in your mind. No prior yoga experience required. All levels are welcome.


Private instruction can take the form of mentoring and consultation for yoga teachers.

Contact Kent for more information or scheduling. Many of our instructors can also provide one on one instruction.