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ROLL OUT/ Yoga Tune Up ®
This class teaches self massage techniques that erase pain, improve breathing mechanics while improving posture.
Live better in your body while enhancing any athletic or movement based art form.
This revolutionary method of self massage incorporates several sizes of Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to hunt out the body’s blind spots.
Release trigger points and adhesions from chronic stress, past injuries or surgeries.
Based on Jill Miller’s “Yoga Tune Up’ and her book Roll Out

The essence of Yin Yoga is to surrender and de-stress Yin is the perfect balance to the heat building “Yang” of Vinyasa- Ashtanga based Flow practice. Yin emphasizes longer holds of 3 to 10 minutes using gravity to assist in opening the body. Sustained holds broaden connective tissue which increases elasticity and flexibility. A yin yoga practice is essential for injury prevention, longevity and joint health Yin Yoga restores energy while calming the nervous system. Pure bliss=

Vinyasa is the art and science of linking breath to movement flowing from pose to pose. Vinyasa is a complete full body workout that detoxes the body as it improves strength and flexibility while lending clarity to the mind.  This Sun Salutation based flow offers challenging sequences including inversions and arm balances. Be prepared to breathe sweat and have a blast. Vinyasa classes are diverse in nature. Sequencing and choreography of the postures is determined by the unique talents of the instructor often arriving at a “Peak” pose or targeting hips,shoulders, back bending, twists or inversions. Newer students are given modifications to cultivate the foundation necessary to build a practice while intermediate and advanced practitioners are offered more challenging opportunities to improve their practice. Students are urged to adjust their practice in 2 and 2-3 level classes or attend the “All” levels classes as beginners.

The sanskrit word “Vinyasa” is defined as “Movement Breathing System”. The term “Nyasa”means to place carefully and with purpose. Vinyasa is derived from the “Astanga” lineage of Yoga which also includes “Flow” and “Power Vinyasa”. Students will leave this class feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit.

This class is taught in the Vinyasa Flow style. An inclusive class incorporating a variety of sun salutes emphasizing the marriage of breath and continual movement.
Strong Flow requires moderate strength and flexibility. The student will improve breath mechanics, build core strength, enhance stability and flexibility through demanding sequences of postures.
Commit to this class and stimulate the whole body, build endurance, play your personal edges while pushing your limitations. This class is designed for physically fit yogis to deepen their practice. Inversions and arm balances may be included.

Kent Bond has designed a vinyasa class to address the specifics of form and alignment while emphasizing the natural bio-mechanics of the human body. Each eclectic class is challenging while dedicated to addressing the needs of the individual student and the group as a collective. Some Yoga experience suggested.

This class is devoted to awakening and integrating the core abdominal element in all of us. Emphasis on toning and strengthening all 4 principle categories of the muscles which make up the abdominal core, rectus, transversus and the two obliques. Flow through a balanced posture sequence while improving your overall yoga practice. Core Flow will enhance the grace of any other movement-art based system. Great for Athletes. Some experience of Yoga suggested.

Therapeutic Yoga is a carefully designed collection of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation and hands-on healing techniques perfect for working with injury or illness. As the relaxation response is engaged, the condition of stress is replaced by the state of deep relaxation. The body rests. Energy is directed to the processes of repair and rejuvenation; natural healing takes place. Equilibrium is restored and the body regains lost energy. (Definition borrowed with Cheri Clampett’s permission).

Make real change in your body using biomechanical and structural principles to revamp your yoga.  Our bodies are designed to Hunt and Gather.  In our new world, we mostly Sit and Type.  Lori is a Restorative Exercise Specialist and this class will emphasize the structural alignment of yoga poses to strengthen muscles that may be underused from our lifestyle and stretch those that are overused. Build a balanced body and challenge yourself.  Open to all Levels.

YTU© is an integrated system derived from classical yoga and physical therapy rehabilitation techniques. Yoga Tune Up(R) will expand your flexibility and improve your strength. Innovative sequencing regenerates and heals muscle tissues while toning and stretching. This class is challenging but accessible to all levels. Yoga Tune Up(R) complements and supports your stronger yoga practice as well as other athletic routines.

One hour all recovery path 12 Step style meeting followed by a one hour all levels hatha based yoga class. Y12SR classes are open to people with all levels of yoga experience and at all stages of recovery (minimum 24 hours clean time required).

One on one guidance can be helpful for a variety of reasons. This can tune up or refine an existing practice. It can jump start a new practice or any level of beginner. A private class can address physical limitations due to injuries or stress.

This class is a blend of gentle yoga postures combined with Yin and Restorative. It is a perfect way to unwind your nervous system for optimal health. Suitable for beginners and anyone wanting to decompress, relax and restore balance. Recommended for all levels.

Somatic yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga. Focussing on breath and coordinated slow body movements this practice reconnects the mind and body to “blind spots” of our musculature; areas that have been over worked, deadened due to accident or trauma, parts of ourselves that need to be integrated in a more focussed manner. Helpful for people with chronic pain or back problems there is very little movement between standing and sitting; the majority of the class is done on the mat.

This class incorporates the therapeutic aspects of yoga plus medical Qi gong. Improves the bio-mechanics of functional movement while healing and balancing the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels.

Private instruction can take the form of mentoring and consultation for yoga teachers.

Contact Kent for more information or scheduling. Many of our instructors can also provide one on one instruction.

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