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A Somatic Perspective on Chronic Pain & Yoga

In 2015, nearly 20 million people in the United States were practicing yoga and contributing to an industry that was worth 10 billion a year, according to a study conducted on behalf of a magazine called, Yoga Journal. With so many yoga teachers there is a risk that some are not knowledgeable about the pitfalls […]

Why I Sleep with a Tennis Ball

By Lori Robbins One of my students just revealed a deep dark secret. Tennis balls are used in my weekly class to roll out and I encourage students to roll during the day. This student admitted that the beloved tennis ball has now migrated to her bed. I would propose that this is actually a […]

Are You An Animal?

Do animals exercise? Animals move naturally and efficiently to gather or hunt food; make nests and dens and escape predators. Animals strengthen their muscles and increase and maintain circulation just by surviving. They also rest….often. Katy Bowman argues that there is no barrier for humans to stay healthy and strong just by preforming their everyday […]

Creating a Beautiful World

By Shara Ogin Attention and Intention are the driving forces that shape all our experiences. The only thing that can exist is what we put our attention and then perceive it to be so. Where ever our attention is placed, our reality is formed. “What you put your attention on IS. If your attention isn’t […]

The World is Flat

“You adapt to whatever you do most frequently. The end.” Katy Bowman.    “…shoes, worn for decades, limit the sensory feedback from our feet to our brain…..Then we may start to use canes, walkers, or crutches or rely on other senses to steady ourselves. By resorting to these compensations instead of exercising our failing brain systems, […]