Are You An Animal?

Do animals exercise?

Animals move naturally and efficiently to gather or hunt food; make nests and dens and escape predators.

Animals strengthen their muscles and increase and maintain circulation just by surviving. They also rest….often.

Katy Bowman argues that there is no barrier for humans to stay healthy and strong just by preforming their everyday activities.

We have become separated from this experience because our world-view has slowly migrated to a position where we believe we have become separate (and superior) to the animal kingdom.

Katy writes in “Move Your DNA”
“….exercise is the only experience we, as a sort of zoo animal, have had with movement, exercise becomes the only word we have to define “what humans do when they move their bodies about the planet”

Walking is our most basic movement.
Walking can build and align the body if done with proper form and intention.

Are you an Animal?

Join me at Willow Glen on October 22nd To Learn more about this forgotten knowledge and become more conscious of walking patterns.

October 22, 2016
Saturday 1:00pm-3:30pm; Main Studio

Learn how walking can improve your health.
An optimal gait can help increase oxygen, build bones, stretch hip flexors and strengthen glutes and hamstrings.

Bring your favorite walking shoes and a yoga mat. Be prepared to walk outside.

In this workshop you will:

1. Reduce discomfort when standing and sitting by understanding better body alignment.
2. Practice exercises that recruit and train the muscles that are essential for pain free walking.
3. Learn a system to re-train how you walk and transition from your old habits to new healthier patterns.

All levels welcome