An Antidote to Stress (Hint: It’s not positive thinking)

Have you ever wondered why you end up in the same place time and time again?

You may be stuck in an unhealthy stress cycle.

Our five sense are continually taking in stimuli from the outside world and we need to cope and function with all of it. That’s the job of our nervous system. Surprisingly the nerve fibers carrying information from our gut to the brain greatly outnumber those descending from the brain! Your 100 million nerve cells in your gut respond to emotions with muscle contractions, blood flow regulation and by stimulating stress hormones. That means when you ignore or repress gut feelings you are actually stressing out your body.

Accumulated stress leads to anxiety, serious illness, headaches and chronic pain. And it’s now well known that chronic stress and pain lead to depression which is estimated to be the number two disability in our country by 2020!

How do we interrupt the stress cycle? One way is to pay attention to your gut feelings. However if you have been ignoring your gut feelings and other emotions like anger for a long time it’s likely you no longer feel them in your body. So how do you get back in touch with your gut feelings?

One thing that won’t interrupt stress is positive thinking. Does that surprise you? In Dr. Gabor Mate’s book, When the Body Says NO, Mate tells us that many of us suffer due to stress connected to emotional repression. The antidote is negative thinking or genuine positive thinking if that makes it easier for you to swallow this concept. “Compulsive optimism is one of the ways we bind our anxiety to avoid confronting it.” Negative thinking is a willingness to consider what’s not working for you or what are you ignoring. What’s out of balance for you?

All those seeking to get out of the stress cycle or remain healthy need to reclaim “emotional truth-recognition”, in other words those internal reactions, gut feelings that we lose when we “grow up.” Through awareness we learn to recognize stress signals in our body.

QiMatics consists of being guided through safe, slow and dynamic movements that help you recognize tension from injury, repetitive postures, mental thoughts (ruminating) and traumas you may be unaware of that create emotional and physical stress layers. As we gently explore these layers of stress in QiMatics, a blend of Somatics and Qigong, you can expect to notice an increase in comfort, mental clarity, greater range of movement, enhanced posture and the ability to breathe and move easier during and at the end of this workshop.

Come and learn the science of Neuro-sculpting, as Nick and Mary Ellen have both come to know through practice, research and by healing personal mental and physical pain at the nervous system level. Seek to bring your body back into balance in this 3 ½ hour workshop with gentle, dynamic movements, utilizing breath to reawaken the mind’s ability to control movement.
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Mary Ellen Hannon
Author of Complementary Alternative Medicine for Relief & Prevention of Chronic Pain (book launch coming to WGY soon).

PS. This workshop is for two types of people: the all things health seeker who want to increase nervous system resilience and the teacher, coach, healer and health professional who stays on the path of healing and learning for themselves and their clients and who understands becoming informed about the nervous system and “awareness in movement” is a missing link not only for themselves, but for their clients.

Nick Loffree and Mary Ellen Hannon are joining forces in this East/West Movement Medicine Combo on Saturday, April 14th from 1:00 – 4:30 PM at in San Jose.

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Ref: Dr. Mate, Gabor, When the Body Says NO, 2003.

Come and release chronic stress and pain with Somatic Therapy and Qigong in QiMatics. It’s about feeling, not thinking!