The World is Flat

“You adapt to whatever you do most frequently. The end.” Katy Bowman.    “…shoes, worn for decades, limit the sensory feedback from our feet to our brain…..Then we may start to use canes, walkers, or crutches or rely on other senses to steady ourselves. By resorting to these compensations instead of exercising our failing brain systems, we hasten their decline.” “The Brain that Changes Itself” Norman Dolge    “Walking repeatedly over even ground prevents all other joint movements besides the ones necessary for flat-ground walking. Every other joint configuration that your foot and ankle are capable of has become sticky. The extreme number of sticky spots in modern human feet interferes with the communication between your body and brain, and in the case of walking or standing, your body’s postural adjustment system can communicate inaccurate information about the environment.” Move Your DNA, Katy Bowman.

Planter Fascitis, Bunions, Bursitis, Mortons Neuroma, Balance issues leading to canes and walkers, Sacroiliac pain, Hip and Knee Replacements: Some of these have become so common that we consider them “normal”. But are they symptoms that are a result of a poor movement diet? In other words has our paved flat world resulted in the underuse of certain muscles and the overuse of others? Do our shoes cast our feet into a certain shape and decrease their flexibility? Is this a major contributor to some of our most How we walk can effects everything from the foot to the hip. From the hip the pelvis is connected to the upper arm bones via the latissimus. The pelvis is attached to the sacrum and femur. Strong working glutes move the whole body while walking and can help position the pelvis in a healthy way. Perhaps walking correctly can help prevent pelvic and sacroiliac disorders? Perhaps healthy walking can help improve abdominal strength and shoulder alignment?

Lets face it: our world is paved and flat. We can move around it unconsciously without worrying about becoming prey to predators or get hurt falling.    Perhaps walking on uneven and natural terrain is an essential movement nutrient. This movement is essential for our overall body health. When absent it may result in the diseases of the foot, hip and leg.

So this is my thought: What if walking on natural surfaces is also an essential brain nutrient? Perhaps hours of meditation on Mindfulness can be reduced to minutes of mind full movement on natural surfaces. Add an ingredient of survival and safety to the mix and the recipe might provide all the perfect vitamins for optimal consciousness To learn more join Lori Robbins for “Build a Butt. How your Gait affects your Glutes” Workshop on April 9th from 1pm to 3:30pm.

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