Body Image of Yoga- Change is Slow

From the nude ads featuring socks to scantily clad yoga models the criteria for asana seems to be quite POSED. Recent articles and blogs have been decrying the perfect body and exclusive feel of yoga studios; disenfranchising the voluptuous and rounded bodies we actually have. Many are seeing the hip fraud for what it is: another unrealistic expectation of both men and women. Others are trying to take a stand for normalcy. September’s Yoga Journal tried, with varying success, to address this in it’s new love your body series. Unfortunately, in the land of magazines, the content and photos are completed four to six months BEFORE the magazine hits the stands to the images and other articles conflict heavily with the “Love Your Curves” article. Melanie Klein of Yoga Dork wrote a balanced blog on the subject trying to ameliorate the tentative nature of the article. Unfortunately the “Love Your Curves” and over all “love yourself the way you are” message is overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the ads and photos filling the rest of the magazine. YJ is going down the same path as many of the check out counter women’s magazines that proclaim you can “Loose 10 Pounds by Summer” while you make the “Best Chocolate Cake Ever”. The message is not clear and seeks to appeal to EVERYone while educating and supporting no one.

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