Asteya / Non-Stealing and Choosing Joy

This past week I was thrown back on myself. After having arrived at the studio office Tuesday morning I discovered the Center had been broken into. Not much lost; a bit of cash. Mostly consternation, inconvenience and a waste of everyone’s time.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali states that “A person firmly anchored in Asteya or non- stealing will receive all the jewels of this world.  Not interested in material wealth, he or she will have access to the most valuable things in life.” The perpetrators of this ethic did not leave with “jewels”.

I got through Tuesday by counseling myself. The situation could have been much worse. With the support of Kyczy and my brother I felt blessed. Nothing tangible other than money had been lost. I made time in the afternoon for my practice and as I moved deeper I was reminded that yoga is not merely practicing postures; rather it reflects every aspect of life and existence. As I moved and breathed my mental, physical and spiritual problems began to dissolve.

When I focus on the quality of my actions and let go of striving for results I become fluid-more flexible. Tapas, translated as heat, cleansing, focused determination began to quell my anxiety and my fear while delivering me into a state of peace and equanimity.
I brought my focus and my energies back to trusting in “Satya” or truth, shifted my thoughts away from harming thoughts; cruelty or violent thinking directed at the individuals who “burgled my joint” into “Ahimsa” -to the peace of non-harming.  I moved away from grasping and toward “Aparigraha” letting go of an impulse to play victim; and to give me back to myself.

My puzzlement and sense of violation did not manifest till very early Wednesday morning. I woke up and and realized that I felt a bit creepy. The impact of this event was more profound than I had thought.

In Wednesday night’s class, secure in my sweet yoga sanctuary, feeling renewed warmth in community, the loving support of family, and friends, I taught with a freedom and abandon I have not felt so fully in a while.

Thanks to your concern and support I was able to choose joy.