Yoga Boosts Brain Better Than Aerobic Exercise



Benefits from a yoga session include increased brain speed, mental agility, and memory according to a new study ( . In a recent study University of Illinois researchers show that yogis were significantly quicker to answer test questions and had better memorization skills overall. A group of 30 individuals participated in a 20 minute session of yoga,  standing and sitting postures w/meditative deep breathing. The aerobic group were given a treadmill workout. The aerobic groups results were not significantly different than when participants did nothing. Yoga helped people focus and increase awareness while decreasing stress. And the participants seem able to take the benefits off the mat and into their lives.
What are you going to do for your brain today?

Do your gut (belly) feelings REALLY “know”?

Article on the importance of your gut feelings

Read this article about recent research and treatment for emotional disorders.  You will be surprised to learn that a healing modality may lie in prudent uses of probiotics.  Dr. Greenblatt, M.D. in twenty years of research has found “that the connection between body and mind was more important than conventional psychiatry assumed.”  In fact his finding go on to demonstrate that negative emotional states can be ameliorated with prudent uses of probiotics.  But before you go out and hyper-dose yourself,  the team also states “Whether all of our mental woes respond to probiotic treatment as dramatically as Greenblatt’s patient Mary remains to be seen. “We have to be very cautious in this field not to be too hyperbolic about what we promise.”

So – listen to your gut warnings!

Read the article and look for more information as more trials are run.  In the meantime – have a yogurt.


It’s Like Breaking Up


Breaking Up

 We are in the process of changing to a new online student registration system.

We hope it will be easier for you to see your records, update the information, and purchase new classes.  On our side we are hoping for a more streamlined process for accounting and reporting.  It will be web / cloud based which will be more convenient for Kent and the team – we will be able to access all aspects of the system from everywhere.  That is the promise of the first date glow with our new “intended”.

In the meantime we have to break up – with a system that has served us well for two out of the last three years.  We were able to better keep track of classes attended, we added online charging, and we were able to interface with our newsletter program.  With these improvements we were able to streamline many of the administrative tasks and bring a higher level of professionalism to the studio management.

This was for two out of the three years.

This last year we have had a couple of snafus.  Website hacking of their servers, system slow downs, and lately the difficulty – ending with impossibility – for online charging had thrown us back into the dark ages of 2008.  So, we had to break up.  It has been painful; the loyalty we had built feels compromised.  We are seeing one another’s unlovely traits and are becoming more easily annoyed.   The difficulty in letting go is resulting in snippish words and pouty interchange. It is sad.

In the meantime – our new suitor and now paramour – who was all attentive with flowers and phone calls, is now a little silent.  We haven’t had a date in a while and we are still circling one another wondering if this is a fling or “the real thing”.   Of course the lament “did we do the right thing” comes up as the fear of change manifests.  And then – we get another email from someone who wants to set up an account, pay online, register for a workshop, and could not and we say “YES – I needed to change!” but is this new “one” the ONE???

So bear with us as we make this transition and know that if we seem a little shaky – it is because we ARE.  This new pose is not yet comfortable.  We will start with the feet, the foundation, and build up from there. It will take a few repetitions to become comfortable with this new asana. The only way to get there is to BREATHE.




It’s All Practice

Just breathe
The yoga practice is a practice of immersion. In cultivating a focused calm state of serenity we tap into balance or unity with our being. When in the realm of immersion we are not troubled by fear, anxiety,desire or anger.

We attempt to foster this state in whatever we do. Cleaning house, doing the yard or walking the dog.

Attempting calm focus in any activity beckons immersion and the Yogic state.

As Swami Satchidananda told a student who complained about not having time to practice because of his active child and home life, “Its all practice!”

Meet Our New Teacher


Can you believe who we just hired?
(In case you missed this funny video)