Take What You Need


take what you need

Sometimes we come to the studio needing a little comfort, needing some space and time to rebalance and reconnect with our selves.  If that is what today is like for you, know that WGY can be a source of soothing contemplation as well as a space to move, stretch and sweat.  Get into your body TODAY and find out more about how you are feeling.  And while you are here; practice what you need: love, hope, faith, patience, courage, understanding, peace, passion, healing, strength, beauty and freedom.


Back Care Basics with Kent

Back Care Basics with Kent Bond

 July 27, 2013

 1 to 4pm

 $45 before 7/20   $55 thereafter

90% of people will experience back pain of some sort during their lifetime. The fast paced world we live in leads to stress causing poor postural habits which can lead to chronic back pain. There is no “one size fits all” remedy for back pain relief. This workshop will feature techniques and basic anatomy allowing student to identify and heal the pain specific to their individual back pain issues. Take control of your own rehabilitation while performing movements and postures in a therapeutic manner that will promote healing rather than aggravate an existing condition. Improve posture, strengthen your “core”, learn methodology to eradicate pain while aligning the breath to support the process of healing. Anatomy, classical yoga, physical therapy and Yoga Tune Up® will be utilized to assess and address your pain. The workshop will include a lecture on the various causes of back pain and related anatomy.

No refunds / No transfers.

Please refrain from eating 2 to 3 hours prior to the workshop.

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Yoga Tune-Up in San Jose

YTU is an integrated system derived from classical yoga and physical therapy rehabilitation techniques. Yoga Tune Up© will expand your flexibility and improve your strength.  Innovative sequencing regenerates and heals muscle tissues while toning and stretching.  This class is challenging but accessible to all levels. Yoga Tune-Up© complements and supports your stronger yoga practice as well as other athletic routines.



We will post the upcoming in-depth workshops and trainings on the workshop area.  Refer also to the specialized articles posted below.


One on one guidance can be helpful for a variety of reasons. This can tune up or refine an existing practice.  It can jump start a new practice or any level of beginner.  A private class can address physical limitations due to injuries or stress.  Private instruction can take the form of mentoring and consultation for yoga teachers.

Contact Kent for more information or scheduling. Many of our instructors can also provide one on one instruction.